3D Prints for all

We love making minis, figurines, and 3D printing, we also love the DnD, Cosplay and Super awesome nerd culture/community that does all the great stuff we love to do too.

New Year, New Sales! This year there are two ways to save, and you don't have to do a thing. Now, when you spend $175 or more on any large (above 11cm) figurine, or custom print and we will take 30% off of your order.* Purchase any Mini 32mm, or 75mm and get a double for FREE!**

* Can only be used once per customer per month. 
** Excludes terrain or anything larger than 1/24 scale.

GAZ minis - Cool style, sexy characters

The Printed Obsession - Some of the best minis we print

Looking for something more spicy?

Whether you want "juicy" ladies, or curves. DDP offers all of it. Check out our collection on the main http://printmymini.com/digitaldarkpinups.html site to see all that we have to offer! Digital Dark is a fantastic artist, bringing some beautiful ladies to your model painting table and shelf!

Pssst... we got more over here.

Exclusive 3D Prints is a niche creative genius that makes some superb detailed 3D sculpts that we then transform into amazing models using our line of Anycubic Printers and DLP Craftsman resin.

Our newest additions in the NSFW catagory

We found us a new one. Officer Rhu seems fresh on the scene, but the work is amazing and we love it. Curvy things from all sorts of genres. Game characters, Anime, Pop-culture , Furry, and much more. with SFW and NSFW variations.